Company Overview

The owner of Witters & Bank, Inc., Richard C. Witters, P.E. is a veteran and has over 49 years in the design and construction industry and makes available to our clients access to this experience with a broad range of services. While the philosophy stated above may appear to be a rather basic policy statement that every contractor makes, Witters & Bank, Inc. takes extra effort on all of our projects to thoroughly review and evaluate the work during the pricing phase (or earlier if available) prior to any work starting, in an effort to eliminate or at least minimize all foreseeable conflicts and changes. Active involvement in the design phase in many of our projects has helped to reduce costs and construction time. This not only helps to minimize the costs, but also allows for a more expeditious completion of the project.

Experience in design, property management and building ownership also provides a unique perspective of every project and allows us to insert ourselves into the roles of the various parties and to understand their viewpoints and desires better. This background combined with our technical abilities have resulted in millions of dollars in savings which have been passed through to clients and over the years while providing the desired end results. Our numerous repeat customers are indicative of the success that we have had on prior projects.